100 Years On The Housatonic River

A century ago, Falls Village Hydroelectric Facility began operation, producing electricity for factories 60 miles away. Today the station is part of a hydro system in western Connecticut that can power 120,000 homes for a year.

Energy Infrastructure in Mexico

On the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with PEMEX, Gérard Mestrallet (second from left) said: “A central part of our strategy is to accelerate our presence in fast growing markets, and Mexico is clearly a very attractive one.”


When operational in 2018, Cameron LNG—a GDF SUEZ partnership project in Hackberry, Louisiana—will substantially expand our Group’s LNG portfolio with an additional 4 million tons per annum through our long-term liquefaction capacity stake in the facility.

Twin Peaks

Our LNG facilities outside of Boston continue to deliver the natural gas that New England needs to meet cold-day peak demand. We’re the most efficient, cost effective option there is.



Renshi Zhang is like a fortune-teller with a crystal ball. But better. More reliable.  As director of economic modeling, Zhang and his team analyze and provide guidance on long-term fundamental views of energy markets in North America. They also identify ...